New Projects 2018

We are currently in the studio working on the amazing new EA Sports Madden: Long Shot 2 video game.  One of the top selling video game franchises in the world produced by Electronic Arts.  We also just wrapped up work on the incredible Golden Globe nominated show “Mr.Robot” featuring Rami Malek and Christian Slater. Some very cool 80’s classic synth work is airing on the show for this season. Stay tuned. Now streaming everywhere are two new shows Sebastian Arocha has been writing on: “Young Sheldon” (from the Big Bang Theory’s Chuck Lorre) on CBS and Seth MacFarlane’s “The Orville” on Fox. The Orville has been particularly amazing since it is one of those rare shows that still has an 80 piece Orchestra recorded every week at the Fox Studios Newman Stage in Los Angeles.

Disneyworld Hong Kong has opened its doors to the new Marvel Universe featuring the “Iron Man Experience”. An epic section of the park dedicated to all things Iron Man. With a magnificent epic orchestra recorded at Abbey Road by Simon Rhodes, the signature ROCAsound electronic production, and new themes from John Debney, this show is going to blow minds!  Entertainment Weekly magazine did a preview of the spectacular scope of this show,  see the link below.

Now for rent, after debuting at #1 in China with an over $50 Million in its opening weekend, is the new Jet Li Movie “League of Gods”. Sebastian Arocha co-wrote and produced the theme song “Wings of Destiny” sung by acclaimed Taiwanese artist Jam Hsiao. The song is already a #1 radio hit throughout Asia. He also co-wrote the score in another collaboration with John Debney, recorded at Ocean Way Nashville with a 70 Piece orchestra.

Sebastian Arocha has also released a new EP titled Duality (Deluxe Edition) which is an expanded version of the original duality single featuring some new instrumentals from his film and electronic work.  Out now worldwide in stores including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

Duality (Deluxe Edition) on Itunes:

Sebastian Arocha – Duality (Deluxe Edition)

Entertainment Weekly:

EW The Iron Man Experience Ride

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